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Are you prepared to maximize the power of your online presence?

You don’t need to look any further; I’m Rajisha Raj a committed freelance digital marketer in Calicut. that can guide you through the constantly changing field of digital marketing.  I’ve made it my mission to help businesses of all sizes achieve their online marketing objectives because I have a passion for all things digital and a dedication to providing results. In the quick-paced world of today, I see that having a strong online presence is not only a possibility but also a need. Here I step in to help.

Why Should You Choose Me?


I have a wide range of knowledge and abilities and have worked in the field of digital marketing for a long time. Content marketing, pay-per-click advertising, SEO optimization, and social media management are just a few of the projects I've worked on. Regardless of your digital marketing needs, I have the skills and understanding to develop a tailored strategy that works for you.

Data-Driven Approach

Data is king in the realm of digital marketing. I firmly support making decisions based on data. I monitor the effectiveness of your campaigns using cutting-edge analytics technologies to make sure we're constantly on the right track and making the required tweaks for the best outcomes.

Client-Centric Philosophy:

I gain from your accomplishment. I take the time to comprehend your company, your objectives, and your target market. Working together with you, I can develop a specialized digital marketing plan that supports your goals and yields observable results.

My Services

Search Engine Marketing [SEM]

A method of promotion and advertising to help companies’ content rank higher among search engine traffic.

Search Engine Optimization [SEO]

SEO stands for “search engine optimization “. in simple terms, SEO means the process of improving your website to increase its visibility in google, Microsoft Bing, and other search engines .

Social Media Marketing [SMM]

Social media marketing (SMM)( also known as digital marketing and e-marketing) is the use of social media,the platforms on which users build social networks and share information. 

Email Marketing

Email marketing is a type of direct digital marketing method that uses emails to engage with a business’s audiences

PPC Optimization

The process of analyzing an existing PPC campaign to improve its reach by making changes to the campaign settings, ad group structure, keywords and landing pages.  

Content Marketing

Content marketing is a marketing strategy used to attract, engage, and retain an audience by creating and sharing relevant articles, videos, podcasts, and other media.


Hi, I’m Rajisha Raj, one of the best Digital marketers in Calicut. I completed a course in digital marketing with an internship at Aviv Digital, where I developed expertise in SEO, SEM, Email Marketing, and Google Ads. My profound knowledge and skills in these areas allow me to handle tasks related to this ground with confidence. I have efficiency in the following technical skills: Feel free to reach out to me if you need any assistance.


What people say about us ?
I thoroughly enjoyed working with Rajisha. Her SEO and SEM services was fabulous!
she was best freelance digital marketing strategist and i really admire her dedication to her job and professionalism.
Rajisha's brilliant insights really helped us to improve our brand and product range.



Most frequent questions and answers

I stand out from other independent digital marketers in Calicut because to a special blend of abilities, traits, and a customized strategy that I offer to every client interaction. Here is a brief summary of my unique qualities:

Offering a long list of services is not enough to differentiate oneself in Calicut’s active and competitive digital marketing industry; one must also provide clients with excellent value and outcomes. As a self-employed digital marketer in Calicut, I stand out for a number of important reasons that come together to form a potent and successful strategy for digital marketing.

Making the choice between a Calicut marketing agency and a digital marketing analyst might have a big impact on your company. The following succinct essay lists the benefits of hiring a freelance digital marketer: Investment in digital marketing is a critical choice in the thriving Calicut business environment. However, making the decision to work with a marketing agency or a freelance digital marketer is as important. While marketing agencies undoubtedly have their advantages, there are strong arguments for why a freelance digital marketer in Calicut can be a better fit of your particular requirement.

The benefits of working with a freelance digital marketing specialist in Calicut as opposed to a marketing firm are distinct and catered to your company’s demands. Here is a succinct explanation of how making this decision will benefit you:

Making wise choices concerning your digital marketing approach is essential in Calicut’s thriving business environment. You primarily have two choices when choosing a digital marketer: an independent digital marketer, or a marketing firm. Even while marketing agencies have their benefits, working with a digital marketing specialist in Calicut may provide a number of unique benefits that are well aligned with the local market’s dynamics and your company’s particular needs.

It is acceptable to expect results from digital marketing initiatives, but it’s important to realize that timing and results might change based on a number of things. Here’s a brief article summarizing what you may normally expect in terms of results and the timeframe:

Results are the ultimate aim when it comes to digital marketing, but it’s important to control expectations and acknowledge that numerous elements affect the timeframe and results. What to anticipate normally is as follows: